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There are a form of storage media similar to floppy disks but can hold about 70 times as much data and are a different size. You do need a zip drive to be able to record and extract data from a zip disk. A zip disk should not be confused with Zip files that are compressed so that they are quicker to download and upload on the Internet and take less storage space. Zip files are created by programs such as Winzip and you need a program like Winzip to open and uncompress zip files. These are in no way connected to zip disks.

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  1. Ryman
    They sell computer hardware, software, games, accessories, cables for networking, handheld computer, laptop computers, computer memory, computer monitors and much more. The best place to look if you want to find cheap prices on zip disks.
  2. PC World
    PC World's web site offers a vast range of competitively priced products from thousands of carefully selected lines. They aim to deliver a fast, no fuss and secure online shopping experience every time you visit their site. PC World supply a great range of zip disks at discount prices.
  3. Iomega Corp.
    offers data personal storage products.

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Summary of Zip Disks

Zip disks and drives were first released by Iomega and you can currently buy a pack of four Iomega zip disks for £24.99 on the Internet. This price is much lower than it was say 3 or 4 years ago when one zip disk could cost around £24.99. With files becoming larger and larger zip disks are much more useful currently than floppy disks.

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