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You may have heard that Yes Car Credit has stopped selling cars.


Posted on 25 / 06 / 2004

Having been turned down for credit just about elsewhere, I decided to fill in all of the information on the Yes Car Credit website and see what would happen. I couldnt believe it when they told me I had been accepted for finance. However I had been warned that everyone is accepted automatically, and they work out the details when you actually go into the branch. A few days later I received a call from lady at Yes, telling me my appointment could be next day. I needed to take the following documents with me,

- driving licence
- 2 pay slips
- phone bill
- council tax
- bank statement

The man I dealt with was helpful and explained the process step by step. every step of the way. We then worked the figures out and afterwards was allowed to nose around the cars in the compound. When they had worked out the figures I had a choice of two cars, a Rover and a Hyundai. I decided on the Rover (which included a warranty). The process was pretty much painless, and I've had no problems with the car. The only downside is I am paying £8000 for a car worth £5000. But I guess they are a taking a risk with people with poor credit like myself.

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Amanda, Nottingham

Posted on 17 / 07 / 2004

Due to graduating from University in 2000 I had accrued auite a few 'black marks' on my credit rating. I needed a car for work but was soon turned down for car finance by the major local dealerships. After seeing the ads on tv, I checked out the Yes website. I soon found I was eligible for finance and made my way to the local branch in Portsmouth. This was when the problems started, I soon felt pressurised into paying more per month than I could afford. I had a choice of a Fiat Cinquecento, Nissan Micra and a Ford Ka. I didnt fancy any of these so the reps organised bringing me a 205 from another Yes branch. After the test drive (at night, silly me) I decided the car met my needs, and was soon pressurised inot signing onto the doted line (cashback promises and the like). Only when I received the car had I realised my mistake. It had numerous paintwork problems, the only plus point being the car seems mechanically sound. I therefore phoned Yes complaining of the painwork problems, but was informed it wasnt covered by my mechanical breakdown policy. Only much later did I know I had a 7 day cooling off period :(. As a young lady I feel I was a bit of a pushover.

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Claire, Portsmouth

Posted on 06 / 12 / 2005

Absolutely rubbish all these people are interested in is making x amounts of money on people that dont have a choice. I was promised 6 months car road tax never got it,i got into the car and it didnt have petrol when they finally agreed to go across the road to put five pounds in it, i discovered it didnt even have a petrol cap so back to the office to sort that one out. The car was very basic and looked okay in the dark when i had problems keeping up to the repayments they took the car away 6 months after i had told them to come. Never heard a thing then a few weeks ago they billed me for 9000 on a car that was worth a 1000 5 years ago which i didnt even keep.

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Debbie Hudson

Posted on 15 / 12 / 2005

Having had 2 cars from yes car i am a numpty i asked them within 2 weeks to come and take the second one back as i had lost my job and was unable to keep up the payments, on both, it took them a YEAR to come and collect it but they still expect me to pay 8 and a half grand for the car...

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Posted on 03 / 02 / 2006

Having been pressured into buying a car from Yes car credit and handing in my own car as a deposit of £500, I fell for them in the same way. Now I am facing bankruptcy and losing my home because according to Yes car I owe them £5000 even after they collected the car 2 years ago. They are legal con artist. How can they continue to trade and nothing happens to them? Its just not fair!!!! Please before you sign on the dotted line, think extremely carefully about this. my advice - DON'T DO IT!!!!!

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Posted on 21 / 03 / 2006

These people just exploit the not so well of I signed up for a car all sorts of problems arose with the picasso and when my husband was admitted to hospital and I couldn't afford to maintain the payments I asked for some help, they didn't want to know, i asked if they would let me return the vehicle they refused. After missing two payments they came out and clamped the vehicle and took it away. Now they want the full amount and I am going to loose my house because I don't have the money to pay. They sold the vehicle at auction and will not tell me how much they got for it but are claiming £7,000 from me for a heap of junk. These people should be exposed big time. DONT FALL INTO THE TRAP BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on 24 / 03 / 2006

I was accepted for finance and the cars on offer were around 3 grand more than market value, brushed over any questions i asked and tried to force me into signing, but i kept my old car and would say no no.

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Posted on 30 / 03 / 2006

I bought a car from yes a couple of years ago, i have returned the car to them and at the time was told would have nothing further to pay on the car. Now they want me to pay 3 grand which had i kept the car would have paid over the last 2 years and kept it. I asked them weeks ago for a copy of my contract so I could check the details and they rang me last night demanding payment or would go to court for an attachment of earnings. I told them I wasnt making any proposal for payment or would be bullied into anything without a copy of the original contract. Well i'm still waiting for it! They are total con artists when buying the car they even conned me into getting payment protection when signing for the car I was told could not have it without the extra insurances. God was I stupid!

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Posted on 13 / 04 / 2006

I have had a car from these awful people about a year ago i've had trouble keeping up payments they are now saying full arrears of car back. I said i can the arrears in full by the end of the month. 300 now and rest in like 200 every week not good enough for them they want the lot NOW! surely they cant do this im offering to pay but no not good enough. DONT DO IT ITS ONLY A CAR ITS NOT WORTH THE WORRY

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Posted on 19 / 05 / 2006

I bought a car from Yes Car Credit took it home and 24 hours later whilst driving it it caught fire.
The doors locked and we had to get out of the car by the windows. MY ADVICE IS DON'T BUY FROM THESE COMPANY.

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christopher eves

Posted on 19 / 06 / 2006

Bought a Rover from Yes in Feb 2004. Head gasket has gone twice, Gear box, Faulty boot lock, Broken central locking and a full exhaust change within a 18mths. The car cost £3,200 but my total cost is over £8000. They done there usual tricks they really messed me up. YES car credit is a definate no no.

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Posted on 09 / 07 / 2006

My husband bought a car nearly two years ago now from Yes Car credit. When looking at the cars we were told that if we did not buy one that day we would not get another chance to buy a car from them in the future, We were pressurised. We have since spent over £2,000.00 on the car in repairs. We have phoned the finance company as we can give the car up after two years and paying nothing back so we thought. The finance company said that we still have to pay the the warranty and the insurance even if we hand the car. Yes Car Credit never told us about this. NEVER EVER EVER BUY FROM THESE SORT OF COMPANIES BECAUSE THEY USE BULLYING TACTICS AND TELL YOU A LOAD OF LIES JUST TO MAKE YOU DRIVE OFF IN ONE OF THEIR CARS

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Kay WeGG