What is Email

Email (electronic mail) allows you to send text messages, pictures and files instantly between users on the Internet. To send and receive emails on the Internet you need email software such as Outlook Express which comes with Internet Explorer or packages such as Eudora. The majority of email software packages offer you facilities such as the ability to compose, send, receive, store and manage your email. Along with email software you also need an email address to beable send and receive emails. Your Internet Service Provider should offer you an email address when you setup your account. If you have neither of the two things above you can still send email, there is web sites such as Lycos, Yahoo and MSN Hotmail that offers you ability to create an email account on their web site which gives you an email address and the ability to compose, send, receive, store and manage your email from their web site. E-mail is one of the protocols included with the Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite of protocols. A popular protocol for sending e-mail is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and a popular protocol for receiving it is Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3). Both Netscape and Microsoft include an e-mail utility with their Web browsers.


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