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Posted on 29 / 01 / 2006
User Rating -

They sent me the wrong product, they dont answer e mails unless itis to further delay or confuse ie they might e-mail to tell you they have changed departments and give you another persons adress so they can ignore your e-mails up and until they nicely tell you they have changed departments. They are expensive to phone and have a long delay before answering. I did succeed in finding out how to send my 128Mb of RAM back using the phone, however they replaced it with another 128Mb. I had ordered 256MB. They have since refused to answer their phones at all. I have spent over £7 ringing them. They promised computeractive magazine they would refund me for the RAM of course they did not. If you read the magazine and see the article dont believe savastores good intentions. I am writing this review as I found this site searching for one in which a reviewer said he was spitting feathers due to dealing with savastore

User - Gerry O'Donovan, Shepherds Bush

Posted on 02 / 01 / 2006
User Rating -

Same bad experience, I brought a PC.
Broken on arrival (Part of the case still is) found this web site trying to find theres (I am assuming they have gone out of business because they deserve it).
My problems.
1. 3 weeks late on the order
2. Wrong delivery time (So I had to get a refund on special delivery services paid for)
3. Broken case - They promised to send me a new one 3 months ago
4. Faulty Graphics card, which has taken me 3 months, but I do have a new one (I had to take it out myself, as there is no way I would let them touch my PC)
5. Faulty ports, that I opened up & fixed my self (Given up on thier technical support by now)
6. Missing software - They did send me a copy on an old CD, with no explaination or even stamp on the envelope, so I had to go to the post office & pick it up & pay the fee.

Don't touch them

User - Unhappy customer



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Website is part of the Watford Electronics Group (founded in 1972). They state they pride themselves on offering,

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