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Vauxhall are part of General Motors which were founded in 1903 and now employs 7,000 people directly, and supports an estimated 30,000 further jobs in the UK. Vauxhall and its sister company IBC Vehicles, have production facilities in Luton, Bedfordshire and Ellesmere Port in Cheshire. Vauxhall still remain one of the largest UK manufacturers of motor cars.
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Posted on 28 / 11 / 2003

I am a company car driver and I had the misfortune to drive this car on a 755 mile business trip.

Lets start with the good points - lovely light steering, great responsive engine, good brakes. The heating and ventalation were excellent.

Now for the not so good - The way the car handled made me and my kids feel car sick, the interior was dark and claustrophic. A warning light appeared telling me that something was wrong with the emissions - Was advised thatthis was fine, but it was disconcerting to see this lit up on
a long motorway run.

But this is not a car for long journeys - The seats did not support my the full length of my back - the result was that after 200 miles my back ached - I tried to adjust the driving position but it made no
difference. Then there is something about the layout of the pedals - My right leg was in agongy. I spent two days driving this car and after two days my back is still sore - DO NOT BUY THIS CAR FOR LONG TRIPS!!!! It is truly awful and I can't wait to get back into my lovely Ford Focus.

Sorry Vauxhall this car may have a beautiful engine but it is a lemon.

User Rating -

User rating -
Models - calibra 2.0 8v

This car is quite an old example of what vauxhall used to do right ,having just gone over 100k miles in it and having paid large sums to keep major mechanicals running it impresses for all the wrong
reasons. Because the car isnt the 16v version its economy averages at 30 mpg which close friends still disbelieve,also with the car being a re-shell of the cavalier it does'nt respond to being thrown about, and is therefore safe at any legal speed.The other reason my car is still going is because ADAM OPEL built it i wonder if id be saying all these things if it was made in luton.

By User - Ross Gardiner

User rating -

I have just bought a calibra and i am very well satisfied though it is 9 yrs old, but it still is wonderful with its mettalic blue colour. Buying this car i have fulfilled my dream of buying a sports car.

By User - : shah

Posted on 22 / 07 / 2003

Big and ugly. I have a 2.0 ltr diesel on rental. It lacks power and reminds me of a transit i used to drive. The interior is bland and plasticky. It is massive inside, if plane seats had this much room there would be no complaints, however the knobs/dials and buttons all look hurridly cobbled together and just look cheap and nasty. The new design does little to make you feel like anything other than a sales rep. Better off with a saab 9-3 if you ask me.

User Rating -
S Nunes, Newcastle

Posted on 22 / 07 / 2003

Super car performance at only 25 grand can't be sniffed at and the VX220 is just a storming car that deserves better recognition in the UK press. But then again it is a Vauxhall and everyone loves to hate Vauxhall's. I decided to switch to the VX220 Turbo after owning a Lotus Elise basically because I loved the look of the new VX220 turbo and the performance was so much better than the standard Elise. The badge may not have as much prestigebut who cares, certainly not me. The ride and handling of the VX220 turbo is just incredible and certainly an improvement over the Elise and standard VX220, and with 0-60 in 4.7 seconds anda top speed of 151 mph it has just astounding performance. Don't even think about buying an Elise over a VX220 turbo, you would be fool not to buy it.

User Rating -
Greg Townsend, Normington

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