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Recommended Top Listings
  • Lycos UK - Europe’s leading Internet destinations offering Internet users fast, easy and efficient ways to find and participate in the best of the web. Lycos Europe is a powerful network of premium Internet brands. more
  • Looksmart UK - Drives targeted traffic to a companys web site - by getting a site listed in the LookSmart directory, it is guaranteed to be included in the directories of MSN, BTopenworld, Tiscali, NTL, AltaVista and others. more
  • Overture - Overture puts it's search results in leading sites like MSN, Freeserve, AOL and Lycos - enabling sites to reach over 82% of active Internet users in the UK. Offers customers a cost effective way to drive sales. more

  1. Alltheweb - Online search engine provided by Fast whose search results are used to power AlltheWeb. Like other similar search engines AlltheWeb provides the ability to specifically search for pictures.
  2. Alta Vista - One of the largest and most popular search engines on the World Wide Web. AltaVista provides millions of search queries each day in over 25 languages and their search sites results have been translated in 20 countries.
  3. AskJeeves - Meta search engine that allows people to input questions into a search box and a results page will be provided by Ask Jeeves with a list of relevant answers. Ask Jeeves uses results provided by teoma.
  4. Google UK - Google is the most popular search engine in the UK and worldwide. They are a free to submit search engine which also includes a picture search, news search and shopping comparison guide in Froogle.
  5. ODP - Dmoz is the Internet's largest directory system (over 3 million web sites) and is maintained by human editors. A web site listing in Dmoz is an important part of having a web site ranked well in search engines such as Google.
  6. Yahoo UK - Yahoo has been one of the world's most popular web portals on the Internet and was first located at Stanford University. Yahoo have regional web site in dozens of countries such as the UK and Australia.

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