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If you are trying to buy discount priced aspirin tablets or infant dosage bottles of paracetamol then pharmacy 2 should stock it. Check more online stores that supply pharmacy products at our our pharmacy section.

Buying Medicine over the Internet
The information and products supplied by the shops below are meant to supplement and not to substitute, the expertise and judgement of your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional. The sale of medicine products over the internet does not mean the product is either safe, unsafe, appropriate, or effective for you or anybody else. If you are unsure about a certain product you should your consult your healthcare professional, doctor or pharmacist.

 Recommended Resources for Over the Counter Medicine

Pharmacy 2U
Pharmacy 2 U was launched in November 1999 as the UK’s first online pharmacy service. Since launch Pharmacy 2 U has continually developed its service and it now provides a convenient, confidential, efficient and professional service to patients and consumers. Pharmacy 2U has a range of Over the Counter Medicine which is at a cheap rate online compared to high street shops.

Boots Wellbeing
Boots Wellbeing is the Uk's best known chemist / fragrance high street shop and their web site sells a vast range of products you can find in their high street shops. Boots has a range of Over the Counter Medicine which are their own brand and more famous brands.

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