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Posted on 11 / 03 / 2006

One of the only websites available that allows you to find the best deal available for your energy supply. Alongside gas & electricity they have also expanded to cover water, broadband and loans comparison. I guess the only problem is whether the data is fully unbiased, sometimes these companies who compare prices are offered an incentive to push a particular brand. So I checked who all the private investors and company employees were, and so it seemed as unbiased as it was going to get. The most impressive fact is the site actually publishes details of the companies who pay them commission, hardly any other comparison services online, or the traditional high street broker does this. The service is completely free to the consumer, they generate income from commission on the suppliers you select which pay them commission (which isn't all of them). A genuinely useful, and from my untrained eye unbiased service.

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G. Morrow

Posted on 27 / 03 / 2006

Simple matter of the fact site with an attractive homepage. As I am still using a dialup connection (rural area where broadband is not available) it's nice to visit a comparison site which loads quickly, even on my antiquated connection. The colors used are very easy of the eye, it just plain white, green and blue. I hate the flashy colors which can really give me a headache. The site also provides plenty of text informing you how you should use the site. Also the contact details with the site are easy to find, not hidden away in a deep page you can never find. The calculator is also placed in a prime position, and all the search details provided to me seemed up-to-date and the regulators were also accurate. I did about 3 different searches using various information of my family and friends to test the system. It seems it produces usually ten companies listed, and the one providing the best results is always listed as the first result. The results also provide a nice list of information, you have the name of the supplier, the price plan, annual saving, service rating given by other users, and the cost of the fuel per year. Everything also went off without a hitch. I think it's well worth going and having a look.

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All you have to do to signup for uSwitch is enter your postcode then your usage details.

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