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Toyota GB has a network of approximately 220 independent dealers with the National Headquarters for Toyota GB currently based in Burgh Heath, Epsom. Toyota also manufacture some of their cars in Britain at a car assembly plant at Burnaston, Derbyshire, and an engine plant at Deeside, Clwyd, Wales. Toyota are a Japan based car company who continue to invest in British industry.

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The Corolla model, the intelligent design refinements to the Corolla make it incredibly desirable.

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Offers car finance to people with poor credit histories. You can apply online using their website, and get �1000 at least part exchange for your old car.

Find Toyota new car deals. Not entirely unlike autotrader, but for brand new cars, you can find upto 35% off list price. They cover business and private hire, new car purchases, personal contract purchase (PCP).



User rating -

I have driven a rather old toyota corolla for the past 12 months, and would like to tell you how wonderful it has been to drive. It's the most reliable car I have ever driven, even thought it is a 1989 car. First time starter EVERY time, even in the cold frosty weather. Handles well though lacks power steering. Now saving up for a RAV4, they are gorgeous and so practical. Will stay with toyota's as no need to change. I think anything else would be a disappointment!

By User - Ms. Fisher, Whitehaven

User rating -
Model - Rav4 XT3, 5 door ,Auto gearbox

I use my Rav4 for commuting, and towing our touring caravan.

From new, I had cruise control fitted by another company, this is not an accessory you can have factory fitted, but I would recomend it with the Automatic gearbox. I average about 30 MPG overall, this includes towing the Caravan at the allowed speeds.

The engine pulls very well, and does not seem to have any problem towing 1.25 tons of caravan. We have toured the Highlands of Scotland, and the engine and gearbox handled the hills very well with no signs of stress or overheating.

The brakes are powerful and progresive, and give a feeling of confidence, even when towing.

The car is very stable in all weather conditions, and with the caravan properly loaded, the only difference you feel is that the car responds more slowly.

Steering the car is a delight. I find it very positive with just the right amount of feed back through the steering wheel, even on a downhill, tightening bend, with the caravan hooked on. (I know you should never get into this situation, but we all get caught out sometimes).

The rear door is a big drawback because it does not open to
90 degrees, this makes loading heavy items such as my wife\'s electric scooter a bit awkward, but you get used to it.

Both myself and my wife are disabled, and find that the ride and the seating are very comfortable. With the car being a bit higher from the ground than a standard saloon, we can slide into and out of the seats very easily, rather than dropping in, and having to climb out.

Because you can either, fold up, or remove, the rear seats individualy it is very easy to get a good sized load platform tailored to your needs.

My wife also drives, and she loves the car, even round town shoping, this is because it handles so well in traffic, and she can see more because of the elevated driving position.

We both rate this car as ****. The extra star would awarded if the rear door opened fully.

By User - Kevin Hallsworth

User rating -
Model - Toyota Yaris Blue 1.3

Lovely little car, very small turning circle, excellent fuel consumption, drives very well, loved the display panel.

BUT - I hated it. One of my friends summed it up when he said it had no character. I am selling my 6-month old Yaris and buying a Rav4.

By User - A Sykes

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