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Toasters vary in price at the moment fro cheap prices such as £20 for a Kenwood 2 slice coolwall toaster which has features such as no High lift facility, Variable width slots or Deep slots. Whereas with a Delonghi 4 slice toaster you get options such as Variable browning control which allows you to make toast exactly how you like it, Mid-cycle cancel function which allows you to interrupt the process if you have changed your mind or have to go out. and a reheat facility which warms your toast up again. Below you will find some uk shops / stores that provide great / cheap prices for  electric toasters. You can find a wide range of toaster brands such as Bosch, Indecit, Zanussi, Hotpoint, Kenwood, Breville, Bush, Hinari and many more. Otherwise you can check out our Electrical Section for other online electrical shops that sell electric toasters.


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  1. Currys
    Currys offers an extensive list of Household electrical products online at great prices. Currys have a great range of electric toasters at cheap prices, from household electrical brands such as; Bosch, Hotpoint, Zanucci, Indesit, Candy, Breville, Kenwood and many others.
  2. Electric Shopping
    They are also a specialist retailer of Kenwood kitchen products and sell the whole range via our dedicated sub-store. Almost all the items in the store are kept in our new dedicated warehouse.
  3. Tesco Electrical Section
    Tesco sell a huge range of household electrical products. Tesco cater for all your online shopping needs and with Tesco you have the security of the biggest uk grocery retailer. Tesco will also deliver your goods to your doorstep such as toasters.
  4. "How Toasters Work"
    Search HSW and the Web. Search Google, Main > Home > Home Appliances How Toasters Work. by Marshall Brain, Shop for Toasters.
  5. Toaster Museum Foundation
    dedicated the preservation and presentation of the bread toaster, an object of historical and cultural value.

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Summary of Toasters

Again with other small electric items the Electric Toasters prices vary very little, with the most expensive being 50 pounds the cheap priced electric toasters being around 15 pounds. In the long run it must be better to buy the more exensive toaster because it will last longer and most likely will save you money.
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