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Tiny is one of UK’s leading Home computer brands with over 2 million PCs in UK homes. We have been making PCs for over 20 years and are part of one of Europe’s leading Computer Groups. All Tiny PCs are built to the highest standards, using the same or similar components as other major computer suppliers. This means that they are put together using the very latest technology from some of the world’s biggest companies like AMD, Intel, Panasonic, MicroStar, Seagate, Western Digital, LG, NEC, Micron, Samsung and Microsoft.

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  1. Tiny 3500-3 Digital - reserve a product online at the Argos website.

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Tiny state that unlike some other computer suppliers, Tiny are in a unique position that allows them to save on costs. Tiny state they will always be looking to cut costs, marketing spend and overheads, to ensure Tiny prices are the lowest in the UK

Address - TINY.COM ™, Granville House, Blackburn Road, Simonstone, Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 7TG
Telephone - 0870 830 3156 (Mon-Fri 9 till 7; Sat/Sun 10 till 4
Email - technicalhelp@tiny.com

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