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Stoves are a UK company who specialise in cookers, be it gas or electric cookers, free standing cookers, built-in cookers and built-in cooking hobs. Stoves have been around since 1920, and Stoves have always created a range of advanced kitchen appliances for the UK consumer. Use this page below to leave reviews and information about Stoves and places you found to buy Stoves from. This can help other UK web users find whether Stoves are a reliable brand and where the best places and prices are to by Stoves cookers from.

Stoves EC500DOA
Stoves ECH600DOA

 Recommended Resources
  1. Currys - Currys is the UKs biggest electrical retailer offering a huge range of products online, backed by the quality and service guarantees expected from one of the UKs leading brands. Currys offers customers a vast range of over 3,000 products.Check for the latest Stoves appliances such as electric cookers at cheap prices.
  2. Comet - The Comet website offers the widest range of electrical products to buy online - all supported by their commitment to provide great service. Comet offers household appliances such as a range of Stoves gas cookers at low / cheap prices.
  3. Stoves Limited
    Cooking and domestic appliances from Stoves Limited
  4. Antique Stoves
    offers restored antique stoves for sale.

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Summary of Stoves

Stoves are a UK company and Stoves does not supply products to the USA. As our models are designed and approved for use in the UK (and sometimes other parts of Europe), they are unsuitable for use in the USA.
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