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Timberland shoes are generally priced a little lower than their boots and the shoes pictured here are around £60. The shoes come with features such as 200 joule EN345 Steel Toe Cap. Leather: Leather and fabric upper. Sole: EVA/Rubber for heat resistance to 300°C. Antistatic. Good grip for oil and slip resistance. Where as Timberland boots are more aimed as a fashion item or work boot, the shoes from Timberland are more aimed at walkers / ramblers and people who love the outdoors. This page has been created for people to leave reviews and opinions about Timberland shoes and where the best places are to buy etc. Because Timberland are an expensive item, it will greatly help people decide whether the shoes are worth the money or better products are available.
  1. Timberland Shoes - Expensive but well worth the price as the quality is great !

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