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Latest Review - Mitre Ultimax Ball

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A football that doesn't cost the earth, but like most Mitre balls has perfect weight in the air and just the right weight. I find with all the other companies like Nike and Adidas who now produce the world cup balls they variates in the air and are too light. They also seem to swerve more than a traditional Mitre football. As a 30 year old man people of my age group will appreciate that the only serious manufacturer of footballs in my childhood were mitre, they were the balls used in every professional and amateur English league. Therefore in my opinion it's the only 'proper' football to use, it glides over the surface perfectly, it's accurate, curls correctly and it's the ideal weight. I think the F.A. still use this ball for the FA Cup and I am not surprised in the slightest.

User - Mikey