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Sound Cards are usually conneced to the PCI slot on a PC motherboard and is needed to play sound on a personal computer. Sound Cards are becoming more and more advanced with many equalling the sound quality of a hifi system. A sound card also needs a set of speakers connected to it to play sound. Some motherboards comes with sound cards installed on them as standard but these are usually not of a high standard, and serious pc hardware nuts would never consider using a motherboard sound card.

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  1. Novatech
    They offer over 9000 computer hardware lines from the world's leading manufacturers. They also sell a range of AMD and Intel computer PC Sound Cards at low / cheap prices.
  2. Misco
    One of the leading IT resellers in the UK - supplying cutting edge technology to the consumer.
  3. Micro Direct
    Have a new section which sells a range of pc hardware accessories. They offer a vast range of competitively priced products from thousands of carefully selected lines.
  4. My Gravis Ultrasound Resource Guide
    Information, drivers, programs and links.
  5. Sound Device Drivers
    Find drivers for all the major makes and model of sound cards available.
  6. The PC Technology Guide - SOUND CARDS. ... Greater competition between sound card manufacturers - together with the trend towards integrated sound - has led to ever lower prices.

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The best quality pc sound cards are seperate cards which fit into a pci slot. The best known brand of sound cards at the moment is creative and for about £50 you can get a quality digital 5.1 sound card. Serious gamers and the like would however be buying soundcards for £150 upwards. Of course the speakers you connect need to be of a similar quality for the sound to be at it's best.
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