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Sony Playstation 2 console is the most popular games console in the UK even though it isn't as powerful as it's rivals the Xbox and Gamecube. One reason the Playstation 2 sells more than it's competitors could be that it has a much larger selection of games for it and the original Playstation was a very popular machien. The Playstation 2 has got quite a good range of games such as Grand Theft Auto : Vice City, The Sims, Grand Turismo 3 and more.

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  1. DualShock 2 Controller - can will be able to sense 256 grades of pressure.
  2. Colin Mcrae Rally 3 - Easily the best rally game available on any console.
  3. Vice City - Another top class release in the Grant Theft Auto series of games.
  4. FIFA football games - Probably the top series of football games but they have.

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Summary of Playstation 2

The Sony Playstation 2 may not have been a big a success as the Playstation 1 but it's still the UK's most popular console and is still the console with most amount and best games, some now at very cheap prices.
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