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  • Intuitive photo editing
  • Vector animation
  • Easily edit curves with pressure-sensitive tools
  • New 3-point Ellipse, Rectangle and Curve tools
  • Create Featuring more than 15 years of continual enhancements, CorelDRAW 11 delivers graphic design and vector animation software for print and the Web. Unique interactive tools distinguish this program, saving you time and making the design process easier.
    Web animations in minutes.

 Draw 11 Reviews


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The interface was extremely powerful considering its "ease of use". Definitely useful in the desktop publishing field, it replaces most of your other applications. It's like having QuarkXpress and Photoshop wrapped up into one awesome package. I was a quarkXpress user prior to my
experience with Corel Draw. Now its all I use all day. GREAT PRODUCT !!! I would give it a very strong 4.

By User - Robert Lowe from Spring Hill

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