The most popular Search Engines

As mentioned in an earlier help page, one of the main ways to get about on the Internet is by Search Engines. Below is a few of the most popular Search Engines,

  • Google - Google is currently the most popular search engine on the Internet worldwide because it has the largest amount of web sites in it's database and provides the most relevant search results. Google currently crawls the Internet every month to update it's database for new web sites and changes to currently listed web sites.
  • Lycos - Lycos currently uses the results from the Fast network and web sites from it's directory.
  • Yahoo - Yahoo uses google results and web sites listed in it's directory.
  • MSN - MSN uses results from a host of resources such as overture, fast and looksmart.

Other popular Search Engines are,

  • Aol
  • UK Plus


  • Alta Vista
  • Excite


  • Espotting
  • Looksmart

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