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In 1979 Seagate was founded as a disc drive manufacturer and since then Microsoft Xbox games consoles ships with Seagate disc drives and Seagate ships record 18.3 million disc drives in quarter ended December 2002. You will find that hard disks like the Seagate 40GB 7200rpm come with 2MB cache / buffer size, 9.0ms average seek time and usually a 3 year warrenty. Hard disks are becoming cheaper all the time and the amount of hard disk space is increasing just as quickly, Seagate are one of the largest manufacturer's of hard drives / disks.


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Posted on 23 / 01 / 2006

Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, 160 GB

This is one hard disk you really need to avoid, as I manufacturer of PC's i have installed it for three of my clients, sadly I had to change 2 of them in 3 months. Both of the error prone disks stopped working well after 1 week; with both having bad sectors within 2 weeks, after this date they both stopped working properly. Some people may not have a problem with this disk, but I always had a high opinion of Seagate disks. My confidence in this brand has been shaken badly, I will not be recommending their disks to clients in the future. I would recommend people to buy from another brand now, someone else like Western Digital.

What's shocking is the Seagate site says this about the disk,

  • Best-in-class non-operating shock for excellent reliability.
  • Best combination of performance, acoustics and robustness.
  • Idle acoustics of 2.5 bels- the industry's best.

I felt all three disks installed were rather noisy and reliability was a joke. For anyone interested in this disk the tech info is,

  • Capacity:120 GB
  • Speed:7200 rpm
  • Seek time:11.5 ms avg
  • Interface:Ultra ATA/100

My advice is to AVOID!.

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