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Posted on 10 / 09 / 2003

A big improvement over 98 which seemed to crash on me no end of times. The only solution seemed to be to re-install the thing. I did however have to upgrade from 64 meg of memory to 256 to get XP running fine and you do need a pretty modern machine to run it. The installation process is fool proof but I have heard of XP crashing during installation on low spec machines and you are in a whole host of problems if that occurs. Complete format no doubt. I basically can't come up with any faults in the way XP runs apart from one thing. I hope I am allowed to post this here, but XP will not allow you to install pirate software. If you are a poor student like myself then this can be a big problem. Pirate software is very common on university campus's so that students can work on projects at home and not on fully booked university networks. I guess it depends how honest you are if this is a plus or minus.

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Tiny Newman, Sheffield

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