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Posted on 15 / 03 / 2004

Now with PS2 processing capabilities absolete you are doing yourself a disservice not supporting the most innovative console ever. The knock on xbox has been the lack of games. Well in 2003 that changed. Panzar Dragon Orta, Otogi: Myth of Demons, Brute Force, Crimson Skies, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and Voodoo Vince are all 2003 AAA titles. Xbox is in position now as it starts to peak and will rule 2004 with games that the other two consoles graphically cannot run. They are exclusives to xbox: Ninja Gaiden, Breakdown, Fable, Doom 3, Half Life 2, Painkiller, and Pariah just to name a few. Now is the best time to buy an xbox if you don not already own one. It will be the best purchase you have ever made.

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Daniel Davis, Dallas

Posted on 19 / 06 / 2003

The Xbox is very reasonably priced at £129, given the features. Some gamers have already dug Xbox an early grave because of the lack of any great games, except maybe Halo. The majority of games for the Xbox also seem to be released on the other consoles and pc. I would however recommend the Xbox for anyone who doesn't play pc games and still doesn't own a dvd player. Great value for them.

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Justin, Tetney

Posted on 26 / 06 / 2003

Processing power is very impressive, and hopefully will be exploited by games writers in a while. The Xbox made the PS2 instantly obsolete on launch. Heavy and robust, with it being very well made in comparison to the ps2. The pads are terrible. They are the worst I have ever used. They are big and heavy so they become quite uncomfortable in extended use, especially for younger users with small hands. The buttons are hard to reach and the triggers feel very tacky. The games however are crisper and smoother than the PS and the sound is very good. For £150 you cannot go wrong and I found the dvd player better than the p2 one.

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Tony, London

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Posted on 30 / 09 / 2003

5/5 for what is the ultimate in front room gaming today. Crisp, detailed visuals, and excellent sound where supported, mean the xbox stands head and shoulders above the PS2. The only criticism that can be laid against it is down to the fact that many of the games are straight forward copies of PS2 games, which were written to be used on a much more inferior machine, and therefore don't stand out from the crowd. However, when you get xbox exclusives such as Halo, which are specifically written to utilise the capabilities of the machine, then the quality shines through, and you see where the future lies. Sure, it is basically a PC in portable format, but what more can you want? It possesses all the strengths of a pc with none of the weaknesses. It has live capability meaning you can play over the internet with friends elsewhere, and it has a host of very impressive games such as BC, Halo 2, Fable and many more coming out, which will only increase the opinion that xbox is the way forward. PS2 has had its day. Sure, GTA was a good series with some immersive play, but its dead and buried now, and that was the best that they could muster. All the other decent games they have are available on XBOX, so there is no reason to buy a PS2. If you are going to buy a new console get the XBOX. PS2 will probably soon be replaced with PS3, and we will only know its quality when its released. I and many others doubt its specification will supercede that of the xbox, and there will be a similar delay to that experienced with xbox in getting an array of quality games that utilise its capabilities to the market. By that time, xbox will have a fat pipeline brimming with quality titles at an affordable price (it\'s already started to happen), whilst PS3 writers will probably be struggling to get to grips with the potential of their new machine.Its also worth mentioning that the DVD player on XBOX is notably better than that on the PS2, and it should also be noted that whilst the standard controllers are big, there are smaller versions available to allow everyone to play it.

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Steve, Stockport


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