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Posted on 28 / 02 / 2005

These gloves are the best that i have ever had ! i bought these mid november and i am starting to get my first rip in them 3 months later.these gloves are designed foe wet wether condions with syntex high 2 out breathabillity membraine on the backhand like the adidas climacool, plus the membraine on the backhhand is 100% windproof and water proof.! The "Ergonomic Project" is based on more than two years of research and a multitude of field tests with goalkeepers. The aim of the project was to develop a glove-cut that is perfectly adapted both to the anatomy of the human hand and to the highest functionality.

Combined with the most recent production technology uhlsport have suceeded in developping a revolutionary glove-construction thus breaking with the conventions in the previous production of goalkeeper gloves.Due to its ergonomically shaped cut the gloves offer highly comfortable wearing. Palm, backhand and flap are made of only one foam piece guaranteeing the perfect fit as well as the unique surround-grip of the glove. The palm now includes the wrist thus increasing the grip surface of the glove. Maximal flexibility comes along with ergonomic advantages. The part of the wrist has an inclination of 12 degrees, finger part is anatomically preshaped. The glove adapts perfectly to the natural movements of the hand.

at an RRP of £65.99 these are very expensve,but you can find them as cheap as £49.99 on some websites.if you are looking for a great wet weather glove look no fouther than these! overall a definet
5 star rating

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Harry Richards

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