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Posted on 22 / 08 / 2003

The overall travel agent service at Lunn Poly was great, I booked a last minute trip to Costa Blanca which is flying from Gatwick for only £99. Me and five mates are going and because none of us are flush of cash it's about the price we wanted. Because we booked online we also got £10 off per passenger and that's the main reason we booked at the Lunn Poly web site, it saved us overall £60. Definitely enough for a night of drinks :). The Lunn Poly site was easy and straight forward to use with our tickets and details being sent through the post, in a lot of ways it's a better travel agent service than at the high street Lunn Poly shops. You may not get the personal attention and help but when you know where you want to go it doesn't matter, price is the be all and end all. The Foreign Exchange is also a great online feature at the Lunn Poly site, making it easier than the teletext booking service and meaning a total travel agent service online. The best travel agent holiday booking service I have come across online or anyplace else, a big thumbs up to Lunn Poly.

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Claire Tyler, Essex

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