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Posted on 31 / 07 / 2003

I picked out this cd player model because it was among the least expensive models that Sony currently produce. There were two less expensive models at Comet, but they were not acceptable brands, Bush and Goodmans who I don't trust quality wise. The setup and installation was easy, I just pluged it into the wall and connected the audio (optical or analog) to my Sony amplifier. The CD player will play both CD-R and CD-RW recorded discs. It is also Multi functional, which allows quick and easy operation of MD ie.entering text, changing track, controlling edit facilitiy. It also has optical digital output for connecting other digital equipment such as a minidisc player and has 24 track programmable/repeat/random CD play function, which you can program tracks to play in a certain order, random order or in repeat mode. It hasnt got a remote control in the package but it can be bought, but still in the end this is a fantastic piece of equipment, and a must-buy for all needing a useful but cheap CD Player.

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Mike Newell, Burnley

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