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Posted on 08 / 08 / 2003

When I first heard about 'Russell' sweat shorts i personally thought they were going to be dorky and very unstylish, but as it turned out it was the exact opposite. I first saw a pair on my friend Holly. They looked so comfy and stylish. I just had to get a pair, but i wasn't sure were to look. Next day I saw three other friends wearing them- i just had to get a pair. Then i asked a friend Stacey and she said that you can get them at any sports store. Well she was right. First store i looked at - Inner Sport, had them i got a pair and tried it on. I fell in love. It was the most comfiest thing i have ever worn. Also what i loved was that there was many different colours, and some bright too! Since i am 13 i am looking for something like that. The next day a bought another pair. Now this summer that is all i am wearing for shorts, is Russell sweatshorts, because they are comfy and stylish. I would definitely give this product 5 stars. I recommend these shorts to all my friends and soon they bring a pair home themselves. Thank-you so much. This is a great product.

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Kelsey, Lethbridge

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