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Posted on 24 / 07 / 2003

I currently own 4 Riley snooker cues. The first was bought back in 1985 and it has won me 2 snooker trophies in the 2 years that I played snooker with great interest. One of these trophies was presented to me by Ray Reardon. A few years later when I went back to snooker as a leisurely
thing I bought another Riley cue. 10 years later I have picked up the cue thrill again and bought myself another two Riley cues. Cheap and humble and well loved, I would not use anything else. I've beaten people who have bragged about their cue being worth £100+. What can I say. It's not the cost of the cue that makes it the best, it's the make and Riley sure do, (in my opinion)make the best. All 4 cues I rate... 5 STAR - The Best.

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Steve W Scott, Bristol

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