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Posted on 07 / 07 / 2003

The Imedia is a great computer for the family and for games due to the 128mb ATI Radeon 9200 Graphics card installed. Luckily these days you can buy a pc without the monitor, due to the fact I already had a 17 inch monitor I was able to buy the Packard Bell Imedia base model. I also got the Dixons coverplan because it guarantees things such as free repairs or replacement and Dixons claim the issue will be solved quickly and efficiently, completely free of charge. I was very satisfied with my transaction at Dixons. The order process went smoothly and the check out was just as easy. I also have to say that I have not tried the CD burner as of yet, but my daughter will be teaching me how to use it because she has lots of cd's already of her favorite music.

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Steve Knowles, Gateshead

Posted on 12 / 07 / 2004

Pc world have a good selection of products at reasonable prices, my biggest gripe about them is customer service,I took out there extended warranty,@ a cost of £300 over three years sounds good at the time but when my monitor went down after 13 months they wanted to take my old monitor away and exchange it with a sub standard reconditoned monitor,and a make i have never heard of,it took me nearly 4 weeks to get a monitor that was similar to the one i had before,in the end they did not take my old monitor away and i had it fixed for £10 the only thing wrong with it was a internal fuse costing 60p.The staff are not well trained in customer support and most time i have to go to the customer suport desk you can be passed by several staff who will totaly blank
you, i have also found that there knowledge of the products is very poor or they purposely mis lead you to spend more,One instance was a chap infront of me wanted to transfer data on his hard drive to disk he asked a member of staff and there reply was it would be easyer if he brings in his pc and they would transfer it for him at a price of i think £20, other than that he could buy some wireless transfer system at £80+

I still buy products from pc world but they need to get some proper training for there staff on customer service and product knowledge

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