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Posted on 13 / 06 / 2003

Since installing this software I have found this software application great. I have just bought it from PC World and it provides protection from viruses and hackers and privacy threats. Included in Norton Internet Security 2003 are full versions of Norton AntiVirus and Norton Personal Firewall, which efficiently defend your PC from the most common Internet dangers. You also get Norton Spam Alert to block unwanted email, and Norton Parental Control to protect children online. Because I use intstant messanger clients such as AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Instant Messenger
and MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger, I was delighted that Norton Internet Security 2003 protected these as well because I have read on the Internet that intstant messanger clients can be insecure. Norton Internet Security 2003 was very easy to install and is just as easy to update for new virus attack and hacker attack information. After having a virus which destroyed alot of my important files I recommend this product to anyone who needs to protect important files.

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Nadir, London

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