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Posted on 02 / 07 / 2003

Nike TN trainers are in my opinion the best range available by nike, and :( probably the most expensive. They include air bubbles on the trainers like the old air max and jordon trainers and this means you get maximum comfort when walking or running. They basically look as comfortable as they look, and they do look amazing! the general design on nike tn trainers is a range of lines all leading to the front of the trainers. They also have a lot of fading colour-wise, this may sound a little boring but trust me you will love these trainers if you buy them. They are available at most sports stores and they range from £60 to £200. I do quite a bit of jogging and sports such as squash and find these trainers the best I've had to run and play sports in.

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Kelly Davis, Chesterfield

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