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Posted on 25 / 07 / 2003

Easily the best jeans I have ever owned and seem to last forever. I recently got a new pair of 501 jeans from Marshall Ward for £44.99 and these jeans are the original fit type with button fly fastening and washable, denim and cotton. I always buy the same colour of dark blue Levi 501 jeans and even though Levi are being seen as more of an uncool brand these days I still think they are by far the best. A normal pair of Levi jeans will last me about 3-4 years and the only problem I usually have with them after this time is that the colour starts to fade from all the washing. I have also been the main Levi store in San Francisco and got some made to measure jeans their which were fitted by a laser machine, I also found out that Levi 501 jeans are a direct descendant of the original pair made in 1873.

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