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Posted on 09 / 06 / 2003

I found a really low price at Tesco for this Goodmans personal cd player. I think it was ref number PCD214SIL but I may be wrong, but the prices at electrical section at Tesco seemed lower than at Argos and Comet, who also sell Goodmans cd player's. The problem is they all sell a different model of Goodmans personal cd player's, so it is near impossible at times to compare prices. But for £39.99 you get options such as skip, repeat and memory functions, LCD display, bass boost, built in charge facility for standard ni-cad batteries and stereo headphones. I am considering getting this for my daughter, as she is only 7 and I am sure she couldn't tell the difference in quality of this and a more expensive make such as Sony. Also when you are buying items such as personal cd player for a young child, they may end up breaking them by mistake, so the cheaper the price the better really.

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Susan, Sheffield

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