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Posted on 11 / 07 / 2003

A great film that will make you wonder where 3 hours have gone. I was little concerned about buying it even though it was nominated for lots of awards (it didn't seem to win many) but I was pleasantly surprised. I did hear that majority of people disliked it rather than liked it and wondered if it was all hype over substance like so many Hollywood blockbusters. But the acting was great especially from Daniel Day Lewis as Bill the Butcher and there are plenty of stars on show such as Cameron Diaz. It's a two dvd package so you get plenty for your money, I did try to watch the discovery channel's documentary on the Gangs of New York but have to say it was a bit boring after watching the fast paced action packed film. I did hear that Bill the Butcher died before the civil war so the film isn't very accurate. But it's still great and not too taxing on the brain, a must buy five stars.

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Daniel Hunt, Cardiff

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