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Posted on 15 / 07 / 2003

These are fantastic shoes, they tend to last for ever, and now that I am in the States, and are so hard to find, I have to buy them when I come to the UK on holiday. They are quite expensive but they fit me perfectly, although i don't know how any one with out very narrow feet would get into them. The last pair of Kickers I bought was ages ago, and they are still going strong several years later. The rubber soles mean that the grip is really good I seem to remember paying about £65 (this was London which is quite expensive) for the shoes, but this was five years ago. If you look around on the Internet I am sure you can still buy Kickers £65 or even lower, according to a couple of websites I just looked at. I would say that this is still very good value.

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Jo, Austin USA

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