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Posted on 24 / 07 / 2005

Empiredirect has the most appalling customer service centre. If you shop at empiredirect and if anything goes wrong, you will be completely out of pocket as they do not respect any consumers statutory rights

I ordered a JVC36P38 television on 30th December 2004 over the telephone and paid £799 including delivery. I took delivery of the television on 15th January 2005. Since the TV weighs over 50kg, I have to literally cut the box in pieces before I can get it out. In fact, the instruction on the box was to cut it open and tear down the front panel to get the TV out. I then threw the box away as it is no good any more. The television broke down within 5 minutes. An engineer came on 18th January 2005 and confirmed that the power unit is broken and a replacement or full refund should be given. When I rang up to ask for a replacement, I was told the TV is not in stock any more. I then asked for a full refund, and I was told by Erin at customer\'s service that because I do not have the box, I am not entitled to a refund. I was told that it is stated in the terms and conditions that I am required to the keep the box for 28 days. This is entirely unacceptable because:

1, I bought the TV over the phone and at no point was I asked to read the terms and conditions before I paid. (Please check the telephone recording)
2, The box has to be cut open with the front panel torn apart in order the get the TV out with clear instruction written on the box.

Now I am left with a broken 36 inch TV in my front room, denied a replacement because they do not stock this TV any more (which is the newest JVC model), and denied a refund because I do not have the stupid box.

Shop at Empiredirect at your own peril!!

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