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Posted on 27 / 07 / 2003

I got this Toshiba system from Empire Direct and it is much better than my previous one from Goodmans. I think the product number was 3600PKT for the system but I may be wrong, I got this system mainly because I have just got a Toshiba 44 inch rear projection tele but it only has nicam stereo sound. This isn't good enough for playing dvds in my opinion. Dolby Digital provides for 5 full bandwidth channels plus a separate low frequency enhancement channel, together referred to as 5.1 multichannel audio, and with a sub woofer and 5 separate speakers this creates a great surround sound effect. The quality seems much better than the goodmans system and the dvd player doesn't make as much noise, I noticed that on the Goodmans it would hang in very long films and I would have to restart the dvd and find the scene I was at, very annoying. Toshiba in my eyes make TV's and home cinema systems as good as Sony but at a lot lower price, a must buy for film and dvd fans.

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Terry White, Brighton

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