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Posted on 13 / 08 / 2003

It was a great idea by Comet to create a clearance auction at their site. I today bid on a TOSHIBA 32ZP18P/Q 32" FLAT 100HZ DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 WIDESCREEN TV which was [Unboxed/used/returned]". The whole process at the comet clearance auctions section was a lot of fun and I managed to win the above tv with a bid of £641, which I felt was a bargain. I know someone who bought this tv a year ago for £1500. The review of this Toshiba tv has said it has a picture and sound rating of A (A - E, A being the best). The whole process was really easy to conduct and even though someone else put in a late bid Comet still give you time to put another bid in. I would only recommend bidding at the Comet clearance auctions at the late minute when the auction is finishing, say 15 minutes from the end. Mainly because this seems to be the time most people bid and you dont want to inflat the price of the product too early. I recommend everyone to use the Comet clearance auctions to save some money and have some fun.

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Rich, Derbyshire

Posted on 12 / 10 / 2004

Thanks to comet auctions I got two fantastic items for a fraction of the price. My kitchen has never looked so good. I found it easy to log on and bid for these items, and it was fun waiting to find out if you've won the bid. Much better than any auction that I have ever been to. The items I bought were just as seen, and delivery was on a Sunday which was even better. I even got a phone call a few days later to check that I was happy. Now where do you get customer service like that. I will be advising all my friends to try and buy on-line for eletrical items Comet-auctions can't be beaten.

From a very satisfied customer.

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Karen Taylor

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