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Posted on 15 / 05 / 2003

The network and tarrifs are very good, and the phone never really goes wrong, but when it does it is impossible to get help for BT, and if you do adventually get through then they are no help what so ever and just tell you to go to your nearest store. When you do this they tell you that there is nothing you can do and the only option is to buy a new phone.( my phone wouldn\' send txt messages). I went to a different network to see about getting a phone(vodafone) and they asked if i'd had a mobile before, I said yes but it was non reparible. The man looked at my phone and he said the only thing that was wrong with the phone was that the centre number was incorrect. They changed it for me and my phoine worked perfectly and it didnt cost me a penny. So that just showed me that the only thing that BT ever want to do is make money. Well you can stuff my contract where the sun dont shine!

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Michael, Manchester

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