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Posted on 18 / 07 / 2003

The show may be rubbish this year but betting on it can help liven it up a little. On the first week I bet 20 quid on Cameron to win at 33/1 and now he is currently 5/4, so if the boy from Oakley or whatever it is does good I will win a packet. Can't really say I am a big fan of the guy but I am rooting for him to win just because of the money. I have to say I am unsure whether I would have even watched an episode of Big Brother after week 2 if the betting hadn't made it more interesting. I am unsure whether we are just getting bored of the Big Brother format or the contestants are just really poor this year. You know a show is on it's last legs when they resort to bringing back previous contestants and really daft nomination schemes like Ray being King for the Week, it just goes to show the original format is getting boring.

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Kelly Knowles, Carlisle

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