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Posted on 25 / 07 / 2003

I see burberry as a beautiful type of material which gives you the sense of imagination and creativity. I own eight pairs of burberry jeans,3 burberry handbags, six hats, four bottles of burberry perfume, eleven burberry tops and now also a new owner of the the latest burberry air force ones.( I will soon be wearing the latest burberry timberlands !). Everyone knows me for wearing burberry frequently, and they think it looks great, everytime they see me wearing a new burberry product they envy me and ask where I got it from, then I later see them wearing the same burberry product thst I own- you see I\'m simply a burberry trendsetter. I have spent around £3000 buying burberry products and I will continue to shop and buy whatever the burberry market has to offer me. To be honest you could say that I am a slave for burberry!Overall I rate burberry 5 out of 5 becasuse I have a full wardrobe of it !

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Chrissie Adegasoye, Stratford

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