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Posted on 26 / 08 / 2003

I found the B&Q web site to be the best stocked of all the diy sites. I looked through homebase which was good and the focus web site but neither seemed as well designed or as have as much choice of products online as B&Q. The fact that B&Q have bought the URL of "diy" .com goes to show how serious they must take their online presence because that address can't be cheap. I was searching online for a garden shed and I couldn't find anything suitable at focus or homebase and I stumbled across this site which has B&Q listed. For some reason I had totally forgotten about B&Q and was therefore happy to try the last big online diy brand in the UK. Although the B&Q shed variety online isn't massive it still had the shed I required at what I would say is a good price. The online B&Q web site is 10/10 in my opinion and the best of the pick.

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Craig Boyle, Bridgegate

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