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Posted on 06 / 09 / 2003

Routers allow one or more computers to share a single ADSL connection. They also work with any operating system as they are network based. A typical ADSL router with have features such as being able connect either 1 PC or a Hub to the router, speeds of up to 8mbps download, 1024mbps upload, built in basic firewall with NAT and DHCP support. Routers themselves can be defined as a process preformed which moves packets of data around the Internet. Routers such as ADSL make sure that a message is sent and recieved and is part of what makes TCP/IP such a useful protocol suite. To be able to successfully start routing a router uses headers and a forwarding table to find the destinations for packets. Routers use the ICMP protocol section of the TCP/IP protocol suite.

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