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Posted on 01 / 06 / 2003

Just bought an Adidas t-shirt from M and M sports and what a price I found for this blue t-shirt, def buy this everyone. This is a genuine Adidas t-shirt in dark blue and is currently on sale right now (01 / 06 / 2003) for £6.99, I simply haven't seen prices like this for Adidas clothing in the high street and had to check the price twice to make sure I had seen it right. If anyone has seen the new Volkswagen Polo advert where the car is reduced by £800 and when the VW car salesman returns to the buyer's house, the guy does a runner thinking VW want £800 more for the car, instead the salesman is just returning the guys glasses :) , top advert by the way. Anyhow this just about sums up my feelings for this Adidas t-shirt price, so I bought 5, and now they are sold out :( , sorry everybody.

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Dave, Grimsby

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