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Posted on 08 / 09 / 2003

The included software is really bad and not what I expected from a company like Sony. It's got so many bugs and requires immediate patching and even then doesn't operate smoothly and sometimes even shuts itself down. I doubt it has anything to do with my PC because it's pretty new and has been scaned for viruses, and scumware etc. I think the software is just bad. Apart from the software the actual mpr machine produces sound that is on average, about a 7 out of 10. The recorder itself is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and battery life is very good. The reason I bought this machine was the price which is competitive and compared to other MP3 playback devices and is far less money and better built than say the Nike or Ipod machines. It if wasn't for the software it would be a very good mp3 player.

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Edward Pitt, Tetney

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