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Posted on 19 / 09 / 2003

I am currently having knee problems due to the amount of running I do, and I soon relaised that running as often as I do and on any surface like I do, I either needed to cut down or find some better trainers. My boyfriend told me about the DMX series, and when I found a pair that was inexpensive, I decided it was worth it to try them out. These shoes are comfortable, supportive and take very little time to break in. There was some initial stiffness but that went away after a couple wearings. When I wear other trainers out, it is usually the mesh upper that tears, but after 2 months these seem fine. The air bubble on this pair is holding up nicely, and it is definitely taking some pressure off my knees. Hopefully DMX with stop my knee troubles and I can continue running.

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Claire, London

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