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Posted on 05 / 11 / 2003

Food, excellent, general gents clothing excelent, however, at 65 i'm no judge on fashion, service, excellent. I ordered 4 pr of trousers on Tuesday and they were in the shop for me to try on the Thursday, no obligation to buy, you can't beat M&S for trying! So why did I not try on the trousers and vow never to visit that store again? Parking is 50P, thats good. There are 4 clearly marked invalid parking spaces conveiniently placed against the entrance. Thats good too, but wait, as i leave my car in an invalid space i'm told that I must pay 50p, or have my car clamped and be charged £90. Before you ask? Yes, I carry blue invalid car badges. Now I don't object to paying the reasonable parking fee, i do object to being suckered into shopping based on the perception and fact, that thoughout town we park freely in places marked for invalids. I checked carefully before leaving and there are no signs stating that in this M&S car park, the accepted rule does not apply Invalids have to pay. Shoppers beware. Taunton Store Somerset. 4 November 2004

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David Pinchbeck

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