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Posted on 12 / 06 / 2003

Since the age of nine I've always liked Eminem and everyday after school I listen to Eminem. i've got the MM LP album and my favourite song is Amityville. I'm never away from my cd player in school and me and my friends write rap songs everyday. I always put Eminem on so there is not one word I miss and if I do I have to start all over again. The main reason I listen to Eminem is to get ideas and as I've got all the records and posters. Since 8 Mile was released at the cinema all me and my friends want to get is the soundtrack and to buy 8 mile when it is on either dvd or video. 8 Mile goes to show that Enimem is more than just a rap star and the more songs and music videos he releases on dvd and video the better.

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Adam, Nairn

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