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Visit the two online UK computer shops below for a range of CD-R & CD-RW CD's for PC CD Writers from manufacturer's such as Maxell, Memorex, BASF, Kodak and Vivastar. All the manufacturer's of CD-R & CD-RW CD's mentioned before make CD-R & CD-RW CD's that are capable of recording 80 minutes of audio or 700 mb of data. The more the CD-R & CD-RW CD's cost the more recording time and data you can save.

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  1. PC World - Offer a vast range of well priced products from thousands of carefully selected lines such as CD-R & CD-RW CD's for PC CD Writers at low / cheap prices.
  2. Ryman -Sell a range of CD-R & CD-RW CD's for PC CD Writers for cheap online prices from a host of manufacturer's.
  3. Dvd Media Snap - Suppliers of quality branded and unbranded DVD, Dvdr, and CD Media,
    Computer components and accessories since 1990.
  1. Recordable CDs - I think that recordable CD's are great. I workout all the time !

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 Summary of CD-R & CD-RW

You usually purchase CD-R & CD-RW CD's in packs of 10 and upwards and you should expect to beable to buy a 50 pack of Vivastar CD-R & CD-RW CD's for £19.99 or cheaper at Jungle and PC World. Both these shops should also sell storage racks, CD labeler kits and CD cases for your CD-R & CD-RW CD's. For more UK based computer shops please check out our Computer Section.

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