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A Processor or a CPU is shot for "Central Processing Unit" and is also known as a processor. The job of a CPU is to process the majority of functions and instructions from the computer (sound and video cards can process specific graphic and video instructions). It is best the get the fastest and latest CPU processing structure because this means it can process the computer's instructions at a faster rate. The speed of a CPU is recorded in MHz. Basically when buying a PC it is best to find the fastest motherboard and CPU, these are the most important components. Visit the two shops below for a range of computer CPU's / Processors from companies such as AMD and Intel, who make brands of CPU's / Processors such as the Duron and Celeron.

 Recommended Resources
  1. Novatech - They offer over 9000 computer hardware lines from the world's leading manufacturers. They also sell a range of AMD and Intel computer CPU's / Processors at low / cheap prices.
  2. PC World Component Centre - Their aim is to provide the UK's largest range of PC Components. Look for a range of processors / cpu's at their new website.
  3. Special Reserve - They offer all the latest games, peripherals, PC components, MP3 players, DVD players, digital cameras and more.
  4. CompuSpecial4u - They sell recycled computer parts, Intel Pentium Processors, PIII, memory and many more parts. Thry also off a computer base unit recycling service.
  5. - CPU/processor collector site featuring a large searchable collection with photos, information, specs, and forum.
  6. - Large CPU collection organized by manufacturer and class. This site features a variety of identification tools and forum.
  7. Club Overclocker - Hardware news plus tips and tricks to overclock CPUs. Archived reviews available. Also Club OC AMD pages for AMD processors and reviews.
  1. Pentium Xeon 1.8A - Xeon processor is designed for high-performance.
  2. Athlon MP 2800+ As fast as a grey hound on speed and the price is just too low.

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Summary of CPU's / Processors

CPUs (also known as processors or microprocessors) from various computer systems and devices from a variety of years, ranging from rare early vintage models to more modern types.
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