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MP3 is an audio compression codec that allows users to compress songs, speeches, and monkey sounds (Yes, they're out there...) dramatically without noticeable loss of quality. MP3 stands for Motion Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3), and because its ability to compress songs, it became de facto standard for music distribution over the web. There are now plenty of good MP3 players on the market from companies such as sony. Current portable mp3 players come with features such as memory which has 32mb, 10 hour playing time, LCD screen, voice recorder and 7 mode equaliser. The Sony network portable mp3 walkman player with 64mb embedded memory allows upto 60 minutes of on-the-go music. Comet also offers a range of accessories for your Sony and Samsung portable mp3 players such as great value batteries and earphones. For more electrical shops check out our Electrical Section.

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  3. Mp3players.co.uk - Offers the latest MP3, MP3 CD and Hard drive based players with free next day UK delivery.
  4. MP3.com - Heavy Metal died out, Grunge came and went, boy bands took over for
    awhile and now hip-hop and teen-targeted-pop.
  5. Winamp - Enables you to burn your favorite music compilations at your computer's full potential. Once registered, Winamp Pro will allow you to burn your CDs at speeds up to 48x.
  6. MP3'Tech - Source of detailed technical information about audio encoding with MP3 and similar formats. You will find here information about the MP3 standard.
  1. Sony MZR410L Mp3 - The sound is, on average, about a 7 out of 10 !

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Summary of MP3 Players

MP3 Players are hardware devices that play mp3 music files downloaded from the Internet. An example is an Apple Ipod.
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