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  • One.Tel - One.Tel offer the ability to save money on national and international telephone services. For ease of use One.Tel also offer online billing and management of your account. more
  • Talk Talk - The new UK landline service from The Carphone Watehouse where you can save up to 30% on home phone bills. You won't have to dial any special codes, or need to change your phone number. more
  • Tele2 - Tele2 is a Telecommunications company offering cheaper phone calls within the UK telecommunications market. Tele2 have hit the UK market by storm – offering a much cheaper alternative to BT with savings of up to 31%. more
  • Tesco Talk - Telecom - They are able to buy big chunks of calltime at wholesale prices. It’s simple to use - you don’t need a box, a new line or a new phone. You keep your number. And it still uses a BT line. more

  1. 1st4PhoneCards - One of Europe´s largest dedicated online suppliers of International phone cards (calling cards). For those who are not familiar with phone cards: They can be purchased on-line and delivered by email. more
  2. Alpha Talk - They offer international numbers such as 0800, 0845 and 0870. Alpha Talk ae ideal for any business seeking the ideal telephone number.
  3. Alpha Telecom - Alpha Telecom is one of the largest alternative telecommunications providers in the United Kingdom specialising in prepaid telecommunications services that offer exceptional value. more
  4. BT Mobile Sense - BT Mobile Sense has the latest mobile phones and a simple tariff that lets you add on all the things you want onto a low monthly line rental. Allows you to get cheap mobile phone calls online. more
  5. Comz4Biz - One Stop Shop for business communication needs, from mobile communications to telephone systems, and data networking products.
  6. Equitalk - Equitalk offers a high quality, low cost phone service - with great rates to mobiles, national call prices as little as half BT's and amazing savings on international calls. Free to join, there are no upfront payments. more
  7. First:telecom - Each month they compare their customer’s phone bill against all options from BT, One.Tel, TalkTalk and Tele2. If first:telecom is not the cheapest they refund the difference. more
  8. Post Office: Home Phone - Find options such as 20% cheaper daytime call rates to UK landlines than BT. And other cool features such as free calls to your 'Loved Ones' on their birthday and Christmas Day. more

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